⚡With all the news about the coronavirus pandemic, it’s easy to feel powerless over your health. 🍎But there actually are some steps you can take to help your immune system in top shape.
🏃‍♂️Taking action goes a LONG way toward moving you from overwhelmed to empowered.
🥦I’ve got a list of healthy immune-boosting actions you can take to get back that sense of control. 
NOTE: Remember, it’s still super important to follow prevention guidelines for handwashing and avoiding people who are sick …. even if you follow these steps!
Get enough sleep. This can help improve your body’s natural immune function. Aim for 7-8 hours a night.
Keep up with your fitness routine. Moderate to intense workouts lasting under an hour help boost your immune system both immediately and in the long run. Keep an eye out for some at home exercises!
Cut back on your stress with scheduled downtime and breathing exercises. Chronic stress appears to wear down your immune system, which can make you more vulnerable to illness. 
Eat a healthy & balanced diet that’s low in sugar. A balanced diet that contains veggies, fruits, and healthy fats is rich in antioxidants and micronutrients that support your immune system.
Stay hydrated. Drinking enough water makes it easier for your cells to do their job – plus allows your body to more easily process food and eliminate waste. Shoot for at least 8 8-ounce glasses a day.