Healthy Detox Plan & Education

How to Detox Health Benefits
Everyday you’re exposed to numerous pollutants, pesticides and toxic chemicals that can affect the way you feel:

  • Tired
  • Achy
  • Poor Concentration
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Bloated
  • Indigestion
  • Unhealthy
  • Excess Weight

Take the Detox quiz!
1. Do you often feel tired or have a lack of energy?
2. Do you have difficulty concentrating?
3. Do you wake up feeling un-refreshed?
4. Do you feel bloated or gain weight easily?
5. Do you have occasional, mild headaches?
If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions then this simple program could help you feel better and have more energy in just 10 days!

What People are saying about Heather’s 10 Day Detox!

“OMG where do I begin? For those of us who are mom and dads, you know that you can’t explain the feeling you have when you have your child. That is how I feel trying to explain how amazing I feel after finishing my first Detox with Heather. It is hard to put into words what my body.

The energy level I feel reminds me how much energy I had when I was twenty-five years younger! I wake up in the morning ready to go without wanting or needing a copy of coffee. The other day, my son asked me if I had drank a whole pot of coffee and I hadn’t even had a cup!

All of the adult acne is gone from my face! I was developing what I call “an old lady’s bump” at the based on the back of my neck, it is gone! And the belly fat is gone!

After day seven, I told Heather that it feels as though I have taken a miracle drug. It has been decades since I have felt this amazing. It is truly hard to describe and I don’t want it to go away!

I had heard about detoxes and cleanses and I didn’t get it at all! Now, WOW. If you want to feel the best physically you have ever ever felt in your life, you MUST RUN to Heather and give this a go!”

~ Tina

“Bob and I had such a positive experience with Heather’s Ten Day Detox. Her daily coaching, recipes, and positive reinforcement made the experience all the more doable for us. We came away learning so much more about nutrition and health education from her program. Heather has such a wonderful real life, balanced approach to family/nutrition we found the whole experience enriching and valuable. Thank you Heather!”
~Clem & Bob

“I followed the 9-day detoxification program provided by Heather Vroman of NSC Health & Wellness in January 2014. At the end of my 9-day program, I found that my energy level was much higher and my previous need to take a 10-minute nap after lunch had been eliminated! I also found that I felt much more rested after a nights sleep and my urge to consume coffee had also been significantly reduced. …This program allowed me to lose 13 pounds by the end of my 9-day program! I was so satisfied with the results of this program and will certainly look to repeat it periodically in order to maintain minimal toxin levels and the benefits that are provided.”

“Took the 10 day cleansing…
I’m pleased with the results… I feel better and lost weight as well…

I also discovered how good healthy food can taste… not going back to my old way of eating…”

To reserve your detox kit call today! Detox kit that includes: 1 container of Heather Vroman FitEffex Health and Fitness Coach Worcester Metrowestmedical food UltraClear RENEW™, 1 bottle of nutraceutical liver support AdvaClear®, shaker cup, patient guide book & recipes and daily support from your health coach!

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