Quick! What food group can help fill you up with fiber, boost your health with minerals, phytonutrients and vitamins, AND is incredibly nutrient dense – packing a whole bunch of nutrition into very few calories!?

Answer: Vegetables!!

This week we’re going to focus on getting our days off to a nutritious start by adding ONE SERVING of vegetables to our breakfast.

It’s an easy and delicious way to give yourself a little boost each day.

Here are some ideas:

🥗Toss a handful of greens (spinach, kale, collard, your choice!) into your eggs or smoothie … this was my choice as pictured above!
😍Add frozen butternut squash cubes to your smoothie (sounds weird, tastes delish, especially if you add some banana to the mix!). You can get these in the frozen food section at your grocery store.
🌶️Make a veggie scramble by adding diced peppers into your eggs. Add salsa for a Mexican flair!
🍳Bake up some grab-and-go egg “muffins” that contain greens, peppers or other veggies of your choice
🍠Top some sauteed veggies on a sweet potato or poached egg.

Note: A serving = 1 cup of greens or ½ cup of veggies like squash, sweet potato and peppers.

Are you in for this week’s challenge!? Let us know below!

Grab a pic of your veggie-packed creation and share it!