Ever feel like you’re in “overwhelm” mode, trying to remember the million and one things you have to do?

Welcome to this week’s challenge – the “Check It Off” Challenge!

This one’s all about getting organized and finally getting stuff DONE.

It’s pretty simple. Basically, just write a to-do list of the things that will make the MOST difference in moving you forward towards the goals you have in your life right now – and then check off at least FIVE THINGS on that list this week!

Remember to break larger goals up into mini ones- so they are bite sized and manageable… these are activities or tasks that you can literally put right into your calendar!

So, if your goal is to lose weight or improve your fitness, your goal might be to get in a certain number of workouts, pack your gym bag the night before, or plan and pack your meals ahead of time.

But let’s take it to the next level and get a little more specific: Example- your goal isn’t to “workout this week”…. it’s to workout at 5:30am, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this week!

Make sure your list ONLY has things you actually have time to accomplish this week. This isn’t about setting yourself up for failure and putting too much on your plate. This just ends up frustrating you and you end up moving things from week to week.

This is about breaking things down and creating simple tasks that’ll streamline your life and help you gain steam when it comes to conquering goals.

Simply writing down your list, will help get rid of that feeling of overwhelm. Breaking them up into smaller activities, and then checking those items off, will empower you to do even more!

What are some items on your to-do list? Please share! Let’s get some ideas going! Are you IN for the “Check It Off” Challenge!?