Are you ready for a fun, playful, and possibly slightly embarrassing challenge that’s sure to lift your spirits?

Have a daily dance party! Find 5-10 minutes every day to play your all time favorite songs and get busy dancing!

The sillier this sounds to you, the more you probably need to do it! This will immediately help you relax, lighten your mood, and leave you feeling refreshed and totally recharged.

A fun time to dance is in the kitchen when you’re cooking dinner. It helps to wind down from the day and it also makes the task so much more fun. Some days you may just not in the mood to dance, but when you hear the music, I bet you can’t help yourself.  Car dancing is another favorite!!

Dancing is SO good for you – it boosts your mood, balance, coordination, and depending on how vigorous your moves are, it can also be a mini workout.

And if you piece together bits of choreography, it can even improve your memory and brain power 😉

Are you ready to shake your groove thang?

What music do YOU love to dance to?! What songs will you be putting on your dance party playlist?

Join us! Let us know in the comments.