Detox from Stress Challenge!

The statistics are staggering… (from

• 77% REGULARLY experience physical symptoms caused by stress
• 33% believe they are living with extreme stress
• 48% feel their stress has increased over the past five years
• 48% have sleeping issues due to stress
• $300 BILLION – annual costs to employers for employee stress-related health care and missed work

Chemicals your body produces when you are under stress turn on or off genes that change everything from how fast you age to whether or not you might develop cancer.

Scary, isn’t it? Stress is one of those invisible toxins your body faces every single day.

The GREAT news…is this: “People are disturbed not by a thing, but by their perception of a thing.” -Epictetus

This means- it’s ALL about how you look and perceive the situation. There are a number of things that you can do to help “detox” from stress and shift into a more positive and healing state:

• Try looking at things from a new perspective. Instead of focusing on what’s “wrong” – focus on what’s RIGHT!
• Find hobbies you enjoy to keep your mind from dwelling on problems.
• Sweat away stress by exercising!
• Positive affirmations, journaling, and meditation
• Focus on being proactive and positive – be a fighter rather than a victim.
• Learn to say NO and respect your limits. Stop trying to please everyone.
• Get rid of excess sugars & caffeine.
• Have sex.
• A hot bath is highly stress relieving.
• Listen to awesome music!

Or you could just get a puppy … The point is, choices are many.

Let’s take a step towards balance this week.

Are you committed to looking at things a little differently and intentionally reducing your stress levels?