Do Your Least Favorite Exercise!

Ladder up… 5 first day, 10, and so on for the week!

Do you have an exercise you just can’t stand doing? One that you really dislike?

Guess what? Usually the exercises you most dread are the ones you need the most because they highlight areas that need strengthening or conditioning. (unless it’s actually painful- that’s a different story.)

So- let’s spice it up a little this week by embracing your “least favorite” exercise…. and who knows…. It may just become your new favorite! 😉

This week, your challenge is to GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE and do your LEAST FAVORITE EXERCISE! Pull out that inner grit and challenge yourself even further to “ladder” it up over the course of the week.

It’s GO TIME! Here’s how it works:

Pick your least favorite exercise. Let’s say it’s burpees (probably the most despised exercise on the planet, am I right?). Make sure you’re fully warmed up, and then progress up the burpee ladder, adding more each day.

● Day 1: You’ll do 5 burpees
● Day 2: 10 burpees
● Day 3: 15 burpees
● Day 4: 20 burpees
● Day 5: 25 burpees
● Day 6: 30 burpees
● Day 7: 35 Burpees…. and then congratulate yourself!!!!

Take breaks as needed! I find that this kind of “ladder” works well as a workout finisher, when your body is already warm and raring to go.

Obviously, you can sub out any exercise you want here – other common least-faves are Turkish get-ups, pike push-ups, and pistol squats (oh yeah!!).  If you do choose burpees, see How To Do A Burpee for correct form.

Are you ready to dig deep and challenge yourself!

This week, grumbling is fully allowed 🙂 Do whatever it takes to get through. I know you can do it!!!

Let me know – what’s your pick?