Eat Something RAW Two Times Per Day!                                     

A raw food challenge!?  It’s happening!25

Raw foods are AMAZING for your body-and most of us aren’t getting enough of them.

When you heat food past 118°F, the enzymes and some of the nutrients are destroyed.

Eating more raw foods will help you gain energy, stay focused, improve digestion, and just plain make you feel great!

Raw food also means less packaging.

This is good for the environment…and also for us because there’s less exposure to chemicals that can get absorbed into our food from plastic and metal packaging.

For this challenge, you don’t need to have an entire raw meal twice per day, rather just eat SOMETHING raw and fresh (and local if possible!) two separate times per day with your meals (or as a snack).

Here’s a great list of raw foods that will get you started:

You don’t have to turn into a raw-foodie or vegan this week, but consciously adding some raw food into your diet will give you a great energy boost for the day.

Are you IN for this week’s challenge of eating raw food twice a day for the entire week!?