Are you in a food rut, eating the same-old things every day or week?

Let’s shake things up! This week’s challenge is all about trying something you’ve NEVER eaten before.

It’s your perfect opportunity to try foods that have piqued your interest over the years.

Maybe you want to try one of those exotic fruits you’ve seen at the grocery store: a dragonfruit, starfruit, or persimmon.

Or maybe you haven’t gotten on the chia or kombucha bandwagons yet (what are you waiting for?)… is the time!

Sushi? Coconut milk yogurt? Kefir? Honeycomb? Cricket Protein Powder!?

Be brave and make it fun!

Seriously, there are so many amazing and healthy foods available now that weren’t around just ten years ago. Make this the week you try one of them.

What are you going to commit to trying this week?

Please let us know! (And add a picture before you eat it, because we want to see!)