Gelatin Challenge!!

This may bring back childhood memories of eating Jell-O…this week is a gelatin challenge!

Even though Jell-O is loaded with sugar, artificial chemicals and dyes (and I’d recommend you never touch the stuff again), it does contain one ingredient that is amazing for our bodies- Gelatin!

Our diets today are much lower in gelatin compared to some of our traditional, ancestral diets when we used to eat the skin, tendons, and other cuts of meat.

Gelatin comes from the collagen fiber that’s found in bones and connective tissue of animals.  It helps:

  • Make your skin healthier and firmer22
  • Protect your skin against the aging effects of sunlight
  • Protect your joints
  • Reduce inflammation in the body
  • Keep your gut healthy
  • Your liver function more efficiently to eliminate toxins from the bloodstream

It’s important to remember that not all gelatins are the same…

Pure gelatin is flavorless and therefore tasteless; so don’t be fooled by those colorful desserts with additives and lots of sugar in it.

Ways to get more gelatin in your life:  Add hydrolyzed gelatin powder into your smoothies or other recipes or simply incorporate a good quality Bone Broth into your regular diet!   Also try this link for a few recipes:

Are you IN for adding gelatin to your diet 3 times this week!?  Say “I’m IN” and post the recipe you plan to try in the comments below!