Get It Done!!


Do you have a growing to-do list? Are there a couple items on there that never seem to get checked off!? They stare at you every day…. but still you’re not able to get them done?

This week we are going to change that!

Doesn’t it feel SO GOOD to cross things off your list!? ✅

Maybe you’ve been meaning to drop off a bag of clothes at Goodwill, or sweep off the porch, clean out the fridge, take the car in for an oil change (!!!), sort through that pile of papers on your desk, organize a drawer or schedule a doctor’s appointment.

Or maybe it’s simply to put away some luggage that’s been kicking around since your last vacation.

All of those little things can add up to a whole pile of stress that you don’t even notice any more! But trust me: once that stress is gone, you’ll feel a whole lot better.

Your assignment this week is to GET IT DONE.

Just ONE thing!

This is a GREAT gift to give yourself.

Are you in for the challenge!? What tasks have been looming around on your list?!

If you’re in, share ONE thing you’re committing to getting knocked off your to-do list this week!!