Go Microwave-Free for a week!

Microwaves are in nearly ever home. In today’s world, we all want things fast.

I get it! Heating a meal in in 5 minutes or less is pretty enticing- however are they completely safe for you and your family?34

There’s a lot of controversy over this issue- so let me give you a little perspective…
– We know that microwaves release radiation into food, because that’s how they work. But it’s still not 100% clear whether or not microwaves release radiation into the environment.

There are articles that suggest they do in fact emit radiation, although the FDA has established that those are “safe” levels of radiation for a microwave.
– We do know that heating certain materials, like plastics in the microwave can be harmful to our bodies by causing the BPA’s from the plastic to leach into our food.
Even when plastics labeled “Microwave Safe” and advertised for children were tested, they found it released toxic doses of BPA when heated in a microwave.
– Although any type of cooking alters the nutrient value in food in some way or another, low and slow cooking seems to preserve most nutrients while faster methods of cooking such as microwave cooking, destroys more nutrients.
– Also, the taste you get when you prepare food in a microwave cannot compare to when you use traditional appliances like an old-fashioned stove!
So- even though the research jury is still out about microwave safety, your challenge this week is NOT to use it at all!
Use good ole’ fashioned pots and pans or a crockpot to prepare your meals. Traditional methods may take a bit more time, but it helps prepare healthier, safer, more tasteful food, and is totally worth it.
Let me know if you accept this challenge!

Yours in good health,Heather Vroman FitEffex Health and Fitness Coach Worcester Metrowest
Health Coach & AFAA Certified Personal Trainer
(508) 523-6143