Hip Bridges for Health

Hip bridges are one of my favorite exercises!

Besides the fact that they will help make your butt look great in your favorite pair of jeans, they are awesome for your body!

Hip bridges get your glutes FIRED UP which means you’re activating the muscles in your posterior chain (back side of your body).

When you do them properly, they can help to reduce lower back and knee pain over time.

In fact, if you’ve been sitting for a little while, hip bridges are a great way to rejuvenate that lower back and get you focused on your posture again.

Here’s how to do the perfect hip bridge:

• Lay on your back. Keep your back flat (tailbone tucked under), and knees bent while keeping arms at your sides on the mat.
• Then, tighten your glutes and core and lift your bottom and lower back off the floor (as one unit) by pushing through your heels.
• Hold for a few seconds, and then slowly lower yourself down.
• Repeat and do as many as you can for the given time.
So your challenge this week is to work on your hip bridges every day! Monday, perform 60 seconds of hip bridges. Add 5 additional seconds every day until Sunday.

You can break it up into as many sets as you want until you’ve reached the proper amount of time. Just make sure you focus on your FORM.

Are you in with me for this challenge? If yes, leave a comment below and let me know!