This week’s challenge sounds easy, but it can be really challenging.

It’s all about being PRESENT and ENGAGED in the CURRENT MOMENT. And that means stepping away – at least momentarily – from distractions and other things that pull your awareness out of the present moment.

You know: distractions like your phone, that Facebook message that just popped up, the to-do list you’re constantly checking off in your mind, or any one of the 1,001 other things that pull your attention away from what’s happening at this very moment.

Speaking of which, what IS happening around you right this very moment?

Take a moment to notice, and then start paying attention to your breathing and how your body is feeling.

Chances are, just slowing down for a few seconds helped reduce your stress levels, didn’t it?

Carve out some time this week to be PRESENT. Maybe you can try my idea of leaving my phone at home while walking the dog this week and take time to notice your surroundings when you’re outside.

Shut off the background noise when you’re driving or puttering around the house. Allow yourself to fully notice and relish the very moment you’re living.

When you’re eating, shut off the TV or computer, and really focus on the amazing and delicious food in front of you.

And, if you’re feeling like it this week, set aside some time to meditate. This can be as simple as sitting in silence for 5 minutes, focusing on your breath, or as complicated as downloading an app and following a guided meditation.

How and when are YOU going to take some time to focus on being present this week? Let’s hold each other accountable, shall we? What do you think?