Reach for the stars! That’s our wellness challenge this week – to spend some time stargazing.

Do you know that feeling of awe you get when you look up at the stars… is actually GOOD for you? It’s true!

It can help us become kinder and more altruistic, and… it promotes more positive social behavior, according to studies.

Researchers from the University of California–Irvine say that “feeling diminished in the presence of something greater than oneself” (like the night sky) shifts our awareness to the greater good.

You also start to ponder some of the larger questions in life…(I’ll leave those up to you to decide what they are) 🙂

You can learn more by clicking the link below:

Getting outside to look up at the stars is a great way to relax and improve your sleep, too. It’s also great for getting some clean, fresh air before bed. (Plus, it’s fun to try to find constellations in the night sky!)

Here’s hoping for clear skies all week so we can get out and see those stars. 🙂

Let me know if you’re up for the stargazing challenge- and also if you’ve got a favorite constellation!