The “plank” is one of the single greatest exercises out there- mainly because if you learn how to do this correctly, you’ll be able to keep a proper spinal position and core stability in just about every other exercise you do.

Nearly every exercise you perform will depend on your ability to keep a neutral spine and a strong core.

Here are a few other benefits of practicing the plank exercise:

• It will help you develop stronger core muscles (meaning a stronger back and spinal column) which will reduce back pain and decrease your risk for injury.
• You’ll have a more stable and proper posture (leading to a decrease in lower back and neck pain).
• Your overall body balance will improve.
This means that practicing the plank will not only improve your workout performance, but it will improve your quality of LIFE!

Now, to keep things interesting, your challenge this week is to practice a variety of planks throughout the week!

Break your planks up into as many sets as you need in order to reach the recommended time each day with proper form.

• Monday: Straight Arm Plank (1 minute total)
• Tuesday: Forearm Plank (2 minutes total)
• Wednesday: Left and Right Plank (3 minutes total)
• Thursday: Straight Arm Plank (4 minutes total)
• Friday: Forearm Plank (5 minutes total)
• Saturday: Left and Right Plank (6 minutes total)
• Sunday: ALL PLANKS! (7 minutes total)

Here’s a great article to check out to make sure you’re using the correct form while you’re doing plank:

Are you in? Let me know in the comments!!
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