Say NO to Prepackaged Food for the Entire Week!

Easy and convenient? Sure.

Loading your body with preservatives and other chemicals? Probably.

Worth it? Nope.

This is something we talk about all of the time! With a little preparation, you can have a LOT of healthier options at your fingertips.

It’s scary to think of the amount of unhealthy ingredients that are found in these processed foods. Unfortunately, they’re usually laden with sodium, added sugars, preservatives, trans fat, and additives.

Just check out this article if you need more convincing to “Just Eat Real Food”:

So why attempt to fuel your body with that when there are much healthier alternatives?!

Here are a few convenient snack ideas!
• Bags of apples, carrots, oranges, or other fruits and veggies
• Apple with almond butter
• Unsalted nut mixes
• Sliced tomatoes with olive oil
• Veggies with hummus
• Hardboiled eggs
• Turkey and avocado roll-ups (real turkey)

Taking the time before your week gets busy to plan your meals and snacks will make ALL the difference in being successful with your nutrition each week.

Stay strong, stay focused on your goals. Remind yourself that you’re eating to fuel your body. Don’t put junk in there!

Are you in? Let us know in a comment below what you’re planning to snack on this week.

Yours in good health,Heather Vroman FitEffex Health and Fitness Coach Worcester Metrowest
Health Coach & AFAA Certified Personal Trainer
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