When was the last time you got an actual handwritten note in the mail? Or even a simple postcard?

How did it make you feel? Pretty special, I’m guessing.

Let’s share the love with this week’s wellness challenge!

This week, let’s set aside some time to send a handwritten card, note, or letter to brighten someone else’s day.

That’s right- just ONE, SINGLE card! Not too hard, right?!

You could reconnect with an old friend or coworker, thank a business associate, bring joy to a family member, or just say hello to a neighbor.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time on this project – just a few sentences can mean so much.

There’s something about seeing someone’s handwriting in a note that gives it more meaning than an email message or text could ever have – it’s more thoughtful and personal.

Nowadays, most of us only get bills and junk in our mailboxes.

Let’s make checking the mail fun again!

Are you in for the challenge this week!? Post below and let us know! Also- if you want to snap a pic of the front of your card before you send it, I’d love to see it!