The Power of Prebiotics

You’ve heard how important probiotics are when it comes to your health – not only can they help with digestion, but they also play a role in dozens of other body functions.

PRObiotics are the good-for-you microorganisms that live in your gut. And probiotics need to eat just like the rest of us 🙂  Here is a link to a great probiotic, which also features valuable prebiotics:  UltraFlora Synergy  Remember, although supplementation can be helpful, it is always best to get your pre/probiotics from whole foods.

Basically, PREbiotics are a non-digestible fiber (you can find them in artichoke, jicama, and onions to name a few) that become a great source of fuel or food for the PRObiotics inside of your gastrointestinal system.

PRE and PRObiotics work together to create a positive change and help maintain balance within your body.

Here’s a list of foods high in PREbiotics:

● Asparagus
● Garlic
● Onions
● Raw Chicory Root (avoid if you’re pregnant)
● Raw Jerusalem Artichoke

Looking for more info? Check out this article:

Your challenge this week is to add more prebiotics to your diet. If you’re already frequently using some of them, maybe this week you can try adding a new one!

If you plan to participate in this challenge, please let me know!