Visit A New Local Restaurant, Park, Cafe…. or Shop!

This week’s challenge is super fun, and it’ll help you get to know your home town even better and find some of the unique and special places that make our town so incredible!

So often we end up going to the same places over and over again…. simply out of habit and because we know what to expect. So it’s time to switch that up.

Your challenge this week is to pick a new place you’ve always wanted to visit – and actually GO there!

Here are a few of my favorite places you may want to check out if you’ve never been there before!

Whole Foods Market is opening on January 30th in Shrewsbury!  I currently go to the Framingham store and can’t wait for our local market to open!
The Core Connection ~ Rita Matraia is the owner of this beautiful movement and spin studio.  I teach several classes there and would love to see you!!  Check out the schedule here:
Mount Pisgah Consevation Area ~ this is a great small mountain in Northboro and is pet friendly!  Great little hike, and on a clear day you can see Boston!  It has been too cold the past few weeks in my opinion, but it is supposed to reach 50 degrees this week!!
Burtons Grill ~ this is a new tavern style restaurant in Shrewsbury and they cater to food sensitivities/requests such as gluten free, vegetarian, paleo etc.
– Last but certainly not least ………….  FITEFFEX FITNESS & NUTRITION!!  Call today to schedule your initial fitness/nutrition consult ~ one conversation could change your life!  (508) 523-6143;; 

There’s really nothing quite like going somewhere new for the first time to wake up your creativity and sense of adventure.. Plus, it’s fun, and a lot of times as adults we deny ourselves that “fun” factor.

So where are YOU headed this week?!? Let us know in the comments!

Need help coming up with ideas? Just ask the group! (I’m up for any and all suggestions! 🙂 )

Yours in good health,Heather Vroman FitEffex Health and Fitness Coach Worcester Metrowest
Health Coach & AFAA Certified Personal Trainer
(508) 523-6143