Activity Challenge: Track Those Steps!

Activity trackers are a GREAT tool to keep yourself accountable when it comes to getting enough movement during the day. And, even if you haven’t purchased one yet (hello, FitBit, Apple Watch, Garmin and more!) there’s a chance you already own one.

It’s probably with you most of the day, too. It’s your PHONE!

This week let’s unlock the power of our smartphones help us get healthier and be more active by using it to track our steps each day.

Studies show that people who get 10,000 or more steps a day are generally healthier and carry less body fat.

How many steps are YOU getting!? Let’s find out…

Your challenge this week: MORE STEPS every day this week 🙂

Here’s the good news, especially if you work at a job that doesn’t allow you a lot of movement. You don’t have to start out shooting for 10,000 steps. Turn on your phone and use its built-in apps to find your baseline steps, and then work toward that number over a few weeks.

If you’re getting 3,000 steps a day right now, try boosting that count to 4,000 or 5,000. Add a few more steps every day or week, till you reach 10,000. Eventually that extra movement will become a habit.

1. Set a timer on your phone to get up and move around every hour or so.
2. Take a short (even 5-minute) walk in the morning, at lunch, and at night.
3. If you work at a desk, take walking meetings if possible. (Instead of sitting down in an office with a coworker, go for a walk!) It will not only help you accumulate steps but getting up and moving around can give you a fresh perspective.

If you need help figuring out how to set up your phone, check out these links:

For an iPhone:
For an Android phone:

Are you in? Let us know in the comments!