Get Ninja in Your Kitchen!

You read your labels, pass on the office deserts, and walk past the cookie isle at the store…..only to find that there are hidden sugars and additives lurking in your refrigerator and cabinets.

Unless you’re following a 100% whole foods diet or are super-careful reading your labels, there’s a good chance you’ve got some sugar hiding in your food.

The food industry knows just what to put in our food to keep us always wanting more…fat, salt, sugar, and additives to preserve it and make it taste better!

When these ingredients are added to packaged foods, it manipulates your taste buds to make you want them even more.

This week, I want you to go hunting in your kitchen for some guilty ingredients!

If you’ve got anything that contains any of these ingredients below, I’m challenging you to replace them with a healthier option!

• Additives like: MSG, autolyzed yeast, hydrolyzed protein, sodium caseinate, yeast nutrient, natural flavoring
• Trans-Fats: hydrogenated oil, partially hydrogenated oil or fractionated oil
• Artificial Sweeteners: HFCF, aspartame, saccharin, sucralose
• Preservatives: BHA, BHT

Your challenge this week is to get into those cabinets and inside your fridge and get rid of anything that contains any of the ingredients listed above.

If you want to check out a great article to find out and learn more about the damage that these ingredients can cause to your body, here’s a great article:

Are you up for the challenge of “fall cleaning” your kitchen!?

Post a picture of any items you found hiding in your cabinets before you toss it!

Are you up for the challenge? Let us know in a comment below!

Yours in good health,Heather Vroman FitEffex Health and Fitness Coach Worcester Metrowest
Health Coach & AFAA Certified Personal Trainer
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