Law of Attraction Challenge

Are you following the law? The law of attraction, that is! On the surface, it can seem a little woo-woo, but the underlying principles are undeniable.

Do you ever find yourself wishing you had a different job, a satisfying relationship, basically wanting to see something different when you look in the mirror?

When you want these things, what do you tell yourself? How do you plan to get them?

Chances are you may be beating yourself up over things you DON’T have, or things you feel like you SHOULD have. In reality- this is the exact OPPOSITE of what you should do if you truly want change.

Let’s look at how the law of attraction works.

Let’s say you’re loving the new Tesla SUV. You know most people aren’t driving them…. but all of a sudden, you start seeing Tesla’s ALL OVER the place!

That’s because as soon as you start “looking” for something, you start seeing it a whole lot more.

When you apply this to the law of attraction, instead of looking for reasons NOT to do things, you’re looking for reasons TO do them!

It’s basic common sense, when you get down to it. Having a negative outlook on your weight, your relationship, or your position in the workplace will only keep you moving in the wrong direction… because that’s what you’re focused on!

Shifting your focus to what you DO want will change your direction, big-time!

And that’s your challenge this week: to SHIFT your focus 100% on what you WANT.

Once you truly define what you WANT and put 100% of your focus on it, you’ve already started to move the dial.

Picture your life right NOW as if you’re already living in that new reality. Do you truly believe it’s possible to achieve this? If the answer is yes- then it’s already in motion for you!  I will be running a marathon this weekend with my husband and I am already visualizing myself crossing the finish line …. it doesn’t replace training, but it will help the execution! 🙂

When you shift your focus, your ACTIONS are different. Your goals won’t magically drop into your lap, but a path forward (whether you understand it or not) will begin to unravel.

The next step is taking ACTION towards your goals- which if you’re living and breathing with intention and focus, it should be a lot easier to make decisions.