Spring Clean Your Closets and Drawers

It’s SPRING TIME and you know what that means 🙂 Time for a little freshening up and spring cleaning!

Love this quote: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” – William Morris

So- are you ready to start with your closets and drawers? You know it will feel good when it’s done!!

Your challenge this week is to spring clean those closets and drawers!

This week, let’s MAKE time to sort through our clothes to get rid of things that are out of season, out of style, or no longer fit.

There are lots of different methods for decluttering, but the 5 pile method seems to work for most people:

● Keep – items you wear regularly.
● Donate – items that no longer work for you, but are in good shape.
● Toss/recycle – clothes that have seen better days (stained, pilled, worn out).
● Store – clothes that are out of season.
● Repair – items that require a new button, hem or other attention.

Sorting is the easy part. Make sure you follow through and do the rest!

Carefully and neatly return the “keep” items to their drawer or closet, and then take action as soon as possible on each of the other piles! Go to Goodwill, put them in the attic, and vow to FINALLY repair the clothes that need mending or get rid of them!

Chances are, you’ll find clothes you forgot you even had – and getting rid of things that no longer fit you properly or that are worn out, can be incredibly freeing.

Are you in for the Spring Cleaning Challenge?!