This week’s challenge can feel almost like a guilty pleasure … although I promise you, there’s absolutely no reason to feel guilty about it.

Your challenge is to spend 15-20 minutes at the end of each day stretching or doing some mobility/recovery work (like foam rolling). Or, you can find a soothing yoga routine and do that instead!

At first, you might wonder how you’re going to find 15 minutes to get this done, but once you realize how much better it makes you feel, you’ll find yourself looking forward to it… and might actually make this a non-negotiable after this challenge is over!

When I stretch out in the evening, sometimes I’ll listen to music, other times to my favorite podcasts or audiobooks, and yes, sometimes I’ll even watch one of my fav TV shows.

The reason we’re doing this challenge is because stretching before bed will help you reconnect with your body and focus on areas that might need a little extra TLC from the day.

You’ll head to bed rested and relaxed.

Looking for a routine to get you started? Try this before-bed yoga sequence:

Are you in?