Are you a tea drinker? There are literally hundreds of different kinds of teas you can drink – from green to black to herb and fruit concoctions – and each have their own unique benefits and flavors.

This week let’s experiment with trying new teas!  I am mixing it up and going with Matcha Tea 

First, a little primer about the different kinds of tea. There are two basic kinds: traditional and herbal.

Traditional teas (ex. green, black, white, and oolong) are packed with antioxidants, including ECGC, which studies show might help protect you against free radicals that can lead to cancer, heart disease and clogged arteries.

Because they contain caffeine, traditional teas help you feel mentally alert. And because they also include theanine, an amino acid that helps you relax without feeling tired, tea isn’t apt to give you the jitters the way coffee or energy drinks can.

Green tea – the least processed tea – has the most EGCG. Studies show it might improve fat burning, prevent clogging of the arteries, interfere with the growth of a wide variety of cancers, improve brain health and cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of stroke.

Black tea has the most caffeine. It’s been shown to reduce the risk of stroke and might even protect your lungs from damage caused by cigarette smoke.

White tea contains powerful anticancer properties, and oolong tea might help to lower LDL (“bad”) cholesterol.

Herbal teas haven’t been as widely studied as traditional teas but, depending on the blend you choose, they can help with everything from soothing your stomach, easing you to sleep and cutting inflammation.

Popular blends include chamomile, ginger, rooibos and ginkgo biloba.

Do you drink tea? What’s your fav? Your challenge this week (even if you’re a coffee drinker!) is to try a new tea this week! Snap a photo so we can see…. are you in!? Comment below and let me know!